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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Thrilling thrillers on special offer!
23 May 2019

If you've never braved the world of audio spy thrillers before now is the perfect time as we’ve some fantastic Big Finish special offers. Why not try some tales of agents, intelligence and subterfuge today?

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  • Captain John returns
    20 December 2018

    Captain John returns

    James Marsters, the star of cult television shows Buffy, Angel, Smallville and recent hit Runaways, reprises the role of Captain John Hart for his own adventures in the Torchwood audio universe. Read More
  • Bernice Summerfield - In Time
    19 December 2018

    Bernice Summerfield - In Time

    Eight new short stories from the varied and adventurous timeline of Bernice Summerfield are available now in Bernice Summerfield - In Time. Will Benny still be digging for artefacts at 80? You bet she will!Read More
  • Survivors Series 8 out now
    18 December 2018

    Survivors Series 8 out now

    Four new battles for survival from the world of Terry Nation's cult-classic series have been released. Based on the cult 1970's drama, four new adventures in Survivors Series Eight are out now.Read More
  • Survivors - series finale
    17 December 2018

    Survivors - series finale

    The ongoing series of Survivors will be drawing to a close and what an epic finale we've in store for you. Happily this isn't the end of the stories from the world of Survivors, but the current ongoing narrative will be wrapped up in series nine of the current audio adventures - due for release in June 2019.Read More
  • The Big Finish Roundup
    16 December 2018

    The Big Finish Roundup

    Three Doctor Who releases, more River Song news, an interview about Blake's 7 and some sneaky special offers? Just another exciting week in the world of Big Finish! Read More
  • Blake's 7 book
    15 December 2018

    Blake's 7 book

    Brand new novel, Blake's 7: Uprising will be released in January 2019. In an exclusive Big Finish interview we chat to writer, Christopher Cooper, who told us about being a sci-fi head and why he thinks Gan is such a great character.Read More
  • Survivors special offers
    14 December 2018

    Survivors special offers

    The eighth series of Survivors, based on the cult 1970s drama, will be released later this month - which just gives you enough time to catch up on the previous episodes using our special offers on the first seven series - prices start from just £2.99.Read More
  • New to Doctor Who? Start here!
    13 December 2018

    New to Doctor Who? Start here!

    Thinking of dipping a toe into the audio world of Doctor Who - or missing Doctor Who on your television screens? Never fear, Big Finish is here! And in 2019, we've more Doctor Who than ever before as we celebrate 20 years of Doctor Who on audio.Read More
  • Muse of Fire and The Hunting Ground
    11 December 2018

    Muse of Fire and The Hunting Ground

    Two more releases wrap up the Doctor Who Main Range for 2018, and what a treat we have in store this month! The Seventh Doctor has a reunion with an old friend and the Sixth Doctor gets into wintery peril†¦Read More
  • River Song Series 6 - The Final Chapter
    10 December 2018

    River Song Series 6 - The Final Chapter

    More story details can be confirmed today for The Diary of River Song Series Six. The first adventure in the box set, in true River timey-wimey fashion, journeys back to the very beginnings of Doctor Who where an Unearthly Child meets an Unearthly Woman...Read More
  • Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 10
    9 December 2018

    Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 10

    Doctor Who is back on our screens and all of us at Big Finish couldn't be more delighted. Each week we've taken you through the Doctor's past lives with some very special offers, and for the finale of series 11 we've a double Doctor extravaganza!Read More
  • Dark Shadows - Bloodline
    8 December 2018

    Dark Shadows - Bloodline

    You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year. Big Finish Productions is delighted to announce that the wedding of Amy Jennings and David Collins will be taking place next year in the new 13-part series, Dark Shadows: Bloodline.Read More
  • River Song vs UNIT
    7 December 2018

    River Song vs UNIT

    It's the battle of the century: friends become foes, and not everyone will survive†¦ In the next box set of UNIT - Incursions, Kate Stewart, Osgood and the team meet River Song†¦ but can she be trusted?Read More
  • Blake's 7 returns in January
    6 December 2018

    Blake's 7 returns in January

    We're returning to the Blake's 7 universe this coming January in Restoration Part 1 - four brand-new full-cast audio adventures set during the TV series' third season; plus a new audiobook/hardback novel, Uprising. And you can check out the artwork for both of these releases now.Read More
  • War Master: The Master of Callous
    5 December 2018

    War Master: The Master of Callous

    The second boxset of The War Master is out now. In this four-part adventure we'll find out what the Master got up to in the Time War, and how this Time Lord earned the title of the Master†¦.Read More
  • Short Trips Opportunity 2018
    4 December 2018

    Short Trips Opportunity 2018

    We're delighted to announce the successful entry in the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity 2018 is being released this month. The annual Short Trips Opportunity encourages new writing talent - talent that was always championed by the late Paul Spragg.Read More
  • Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 9
    2 December 2018

    Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 9

    Now that Doctor Who is back on our screens, all of us at Big Finish couldn't be more delighted. To celebrate, each week we're taking you through one of the Doctor's past lives, up until Thirteen, with some very special offers...Read More
  • Listeners Title - The Claws of Santa
    1 December 2018

    Listeners Title - The Claws of Santa

    You better watch out, you better not cry†¦ Iris Wildthyme is coming to town! The Listeners Title for December is the perfect festive story as Iris tries to find her best friend Panda before Christmas Day begins†¦Read More
  • Big Finish Originals on Audible
    30 November 2018

    Big Finish Originals on Audible

    If you listen to audiobooks on Audible (as well as from Big Finish, of course!) you'll now be able to find more of our Big Finish Originals on the site. Why not try Blind Terror or Shilling & Sixpence Investigate for only a credit each?Read More
  • Doctor Who - The Mistpuddle Murders
    29 November 2018

    Doctor Who - The Mistpuddle Murders

    Murder has come to Mistpuddle and it'll take Traken's greatest detective to solve it†¦ Sarah Sutton reads the latest Short Trip, The Mistpuddle Murders, out now for just £2.99 from Big Finish.Read More
  • Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 8
    28 November 2018

    Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 8

    The Fourth Doctor is travelling with a new companion in the new year! With Tom Baker back as the Fourth Doctor, Jane Slavin as new companion Ann Kelso, and K9 played by John Leeson, we're in for a heck of a ride! You can find out all the details of this new series today!Read More
  • Star Cops Mother Earth 2 out now
    27 November 2018

    Star Cops Mother Earth 2 out now

    The Star Cops have four new cases to solve in Mother Earth 2, out now. David Calder returns as Commander Nathan Spring, with Trevor Cooper as Colin Devis and Linda Newton as Pal Kenzy, joined by new recruits Rakhee Thakrar playing Priya Basu and Philip Olivier as Paul Bailey.Read More

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