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A Big Finish Week!

A Big Finish Week!

14 May 2017

A week of releases, trailers, new covers, conventions, even award nominations - we go through the week to help make sure you didn't miss anything...

At the time of writing, there's still over a day left on not only our Doctor Who - Series 10 Week 5 Special Offers, but also the weekend's 2017 Scribe Nominations Offers, celebrating the writing on four of last year's releases being recognised by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW).

We started the week on a sombre note, marking the third anniversary of the loss of Big Finish's Paul Spragg. The second Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity is now open to all writers new to Big Finish.

On Tuesday, the latest Torchwood monthly release saw Burn Gorman return as Dr Owen Harper for Torchwood - Corpse Day. The day after, we updated people on a wealth of upcoming Doctor Who titles, including the debut of the brand new trailer for Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: The Movellan Grave:

Thursday was a good day for Dark Shadows fans with the release of Dark Shadows - Dreams of Long Ago, the latest of our collections of brand new short story readings.

And finally, last weekend Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford provided the Big Finish Podcast from the DWAS Capitol II convention, including talking to Big Finish boss Jason Haigh-Ellery in front of a live audience...

Join us next week for a haunting experience for one Doctor, an icy experience for another, and there's an announcement to ensure one of Big Finish's ranges is down and safe.

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