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Doctor Who - Third Doctor and UNIT Offers

Doctor Who - Third Doctor and UNIT Offers

19 May 2017

Ahead of May's much-anticipated UNIT - New Series release, we've a wealth of special offers for the Third Doctor's Earth-bound era...

Coming in late May is UNIT - The New Series: Assembled, in which Kate Stewart's team have to call on some friends of her father's to confront a new menace from old foes:

In celebration of the UNIT years of Doctor Who, for this entire weekend you can make use of a wide variety of special offers:

Volume 1 of our Doctor Who - The Third Doctor Adventures is currently £15 on Download and £22.50 on CD, with the more recent Volume 2 at its normal price of £25/£30, and pre-order prices still in place for August's Volume 3 of £20/£25.

Seventeen of our single-disc Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles from the era - performed by a variety of people including Nick Courtney, Katy Manning, Caroline John and Richard Franklin are each reduced to £4 on Download and £5 on CD, while the Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Specials set is £12.50/£15 respectively. John Levene's The Council of War is this month's Listeners title for £2.99 on Download, but for the weekend is £5 on CD.

The Doctor Who Short Trips Time Tunnel, The Other Woman, The Blame Game and Damascus can all be bought on Download for £1.99, with the most recent UNIT story - Gardeners' Worlds available for £2.99.

UNIT - The Coup is a free download, kicking off our original UNIT series from 2005 (each available for £2.99 on Download and £4 on CD), or bundled together for just £10/£15. UNIT - Dominion starring Sylvester McCoy and Alex Macqueen is available for £20 and £25.

From 2015, Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver have reprised their TV characters for UNIT - The New Series. This weekend you can get each of the first three series for just £20 on Download and £23 on CD, with pre-orders on the upcoming UNIT - The New Series: Assembled still £20 in either format, or go for UNIT - The New Series bundles on Series 1-4 (£80 in either format) or Series 5-8 (£80 on Download, £90 on CD):

There are a few miscelleaneous releases too: a full-cast audio recreation of the unmade script Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The Mega (£6/£7.50), the Third Doctor era encounters a twist in Doctor Who - The Defectors (£5/£6), the mammoth Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor collection from 2013 saw Doctor Who - Vengeance of the Stones released (£2.99/£4) and the UNIT Vault team are involved in The Worlds of Doctor Who (£20/£25).

With the exception of Doctor Who - The Blue Tooth (which isn't currently available for Download), any of these CD purchases unlock access to a digital version as an exclusive to your Big Finish account. If you're an Apple or Android device user, make use of our free Big Finish Listening app.

This offer ends at mid-day (UK time) on Monday 22nd May.

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