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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

The Big Finish warehouse is bulging with releases from the last 20 years and it’s time to make some room! Grab some CD bargains from the worlds of Blake’s 7, Pathfinder, Graceless, Sherlock Holmes and more – whilst stocks last.

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Four new chapters in the Gallifrey saga are out this March. With the resurrection of Rassilon and new enemies to face, the future does not look bright for Romana and Narvin in Gallifrey: Time War Volume Two.

Rassilon has returned – summoned back from the dead, to lead his people through their greatest crisis.
But the Time Lords will reap what they have sown, and the consequences of this resurrection will determine Gallifrey’s fate.
And in among the schemes and strategies of war, Romana and Narvin are losing friends and allies, as they become ever more isolated…

The Diary of River Song, Series Five is out now – and the universe better be ready for the fallout…

The Doctor isn’t the only Time Lord River runs into on her travels up and down the timeline.
The Master, in all of his – or her – guises, also has a chequered history with Professor Song.
And whenever they meet, it’s a close call as to who comes out on top...
It’s something River must get used to: there are three people in her marriage – at the very least!

More story details and the trailer for The Comic Strip Adaptations being released in March 2019 are available now.

In these two adventures, we find the Fourth Doctor encountering the Iron Legion – an army of robotic Roman legionnaires, and in Doctor Who and the Star Beast, the Fourth Doctor encounters one of the deadliest and most adorable villains ever – Beep the Meep! Tom Baker reprises the role of the Fourth Doctor for this special release of two full-cast stories.

1.1 Doctor Who and the Iron Legion adapted by Alan Barnes

1979 AD! Led by the terrible General Ironicus, the mighty Iron Legion – robot veterans of the Eternal War – have come, seen and conquered the English village of Stockbridge!
Caught up in the mayhem, the Doctor pursues the Legion back through the great Dimension Duct to their place of origin – an alternative Earth where Rome never fell…
But can he survive the horrors of the gladiatorial Hyp-Arena long enough to uncover the terrifying secret at the heart of the Galactic Roman Empire?

1.2 Doctor Who and the Star Beast adapted by Alan Barnes

1980 AD! In Yorkshire, the authorities have dismissed reports that an Unidentified Flying Object was seen plummeting towards the ground… moments before the explosion that destroyed the Blackcastle Steel Mills. After all, Blackcastle is the last place on Earth aliens would ever want to visit…
Local teenagers Sharon and Fudge know better. ’Cos they’ve found an actual space alien hiding in the allotments. He’s their alien. Their secret. And his name is… The Meep.
He’s not the only alien in Blackcastle, though. His pursuers, the terrible Wrarth Warriors, are on his trail, along with their unwitting accomplice: The Doctor!

Alex Kingston (Doctor Who, ER, A Discovery of Witches) and Warren Brown (Luther, Strike Back, X Company) star in Transference, an original audio drama from Big Finish Productions.

Transference, the next of our Big Finish Originals, is recording now. Alex Kingston takes on the title role of Sam, a psychotherapist struggling with a recent bereavement. But her life will change forever when she meets a new client, Keith, played by Warren Brown. More details here.

Alex Kingston

Plus, don't forget to pick up some of our recent boxsets still at their pre-order price. 

Available at its pre-order price until February, UNIT Revisitations sees the return of even more galactic threats to Earth with the Wirrn invading, Captain Chin Lee back from TV episode The Mind of Evil, and a new invasion force. Pick up this thrilling box set now!

Plus, there’s the latest series from the world of Survivors. Will Abby be reunited with her long lost son Peter in Series Eight? Don’t miss out on this acclaimed continuation of Terry Nation’s dystopian TV series from the 1970s.

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