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2018-01-08 Louise Jameson and Robots

2018-01-08 Louise Jameson and Robots

7 January 2018

Nick and Benji are back with our winning format of news, emails, Randomoid Selectortron and much more. Guest star: Louise Jameson (Leela in Doctor Who). Drama tease: The Sons of Kaldor.

After our three Christmas/New Year Holiday Specials, this is the first of our weekly 2018 podcasts, crammed with everything you've come to expect from us. As well as the features listed below, other topics covered are Where Eagles Dare, Nick's obsession with water (?!?), Tom Hardy and Nick and Benji's highlights of 2017 and plans for 2018. There are also two surprise guest stars, one of them only appearing in a text. Works really well on audio, obviously.

Big Finish News - the Eighth Doctor returns, Blake's 7 news and Tales from New Earth. And so much more...

Listeners' Emails - a bumper crop to make up for our three weeks without emails. You can join in simply by emailing us at

Guest Star - Big Finish favourite Louise Jameson is back, with fascinating insights about acting, theatre and the upcoming third series of The Omega Factor.

Randomoid Selectortron - 'Ran' selects a book, which is great, but Nick and Benji  ask for an audio selection as well. So, two randomly selected releases from the Big Finish archive discussed here!

Latest Releases - Nick rounds up what's available right this minute for you to download and enjoy from

Drama Tease - The first fifteen minutes of the The Sons of Kaldor, the first story from our upcoming seventh series of Fourth Doctor Adventures.

This podcast is officially released on Monday 8th January 2018, but we've sneaked it out on Sunday 7th January for anyone who just couldn't wait. You can download or stream it now simply by pressing one of those handy little buttons below this text. Go on, give your ear things a treat.

Check out other editions of the Big Finish Podcast in the range here, enabling you to put them into your account and listen via the Big Finish Listening app on Apple and Android devices!

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