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Dark Gallifrey: Morbius Part 1
Dark Gallifrey

1.1. Dark Gallifrey: Morbius Part 1

Released April 2024

Written by Tim Foley

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This title was released in April 2024. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 31 May 2024, and on general sale after this date.

When things turn dark, and you're all alone, there is one traveller of time and space... a wanderer in the fourth dimension... a renegade Time Lord... who will always be there to bring back the light.

But the thing about Time Lords... is they can't all be heroes.

The time has come for the last Time Lord battleship, the Proteus, to leave the planet Karn and return to Gallifrey victorious. But her voyage home will not be easy. The Captain is sick, the crew is restless, and there are dark forces lurking in the hold below...

Recorded on: 28 October 2023
Recorded at: The Soundhouse

Range Producer, Rob Valentine said: “Dark Gallifrey is a sprawling, multi-story event in which all the most dastardly Time Lords are being let out of the box in various unexpected ways. Some stories are very dark, others are wickedly funny, and some are absolutely insane.

“Expect a rogue's gallery of Gallifrey's most diabolical villains all taking to the stage. Their stories are wildly different, scripted by some of Big Finish's most acclaimed writers... and, behind it all, something massive is brewing.”

Writer Tim Foley said: “I was delighted to be asked to write for Morbius. He is largely a blank slate, and what little we know about him is infused with vague, strange Time Lord lore that’s all to play for and a joy to explore.

“He’s famously inspired by Frankenstein, so I thought about the sections which bookended that original novel – on Captain Walton’s ship exploring the North Pole. My pitch for this three-hour epic was not the typical paragraph I usually deliver – it was a picture of the Caspar David Friedrich painting The Sea of Ice.

“I also thought about the format of the gothic thriller as a whole. This informed the way I approached the telling of my tale. It’s a series of moody, murky chapters exploring the voyage home after the defeat of Morbius. He’s a complex character and there is much to dissect. I reckon this is the most experimental project that Big Finish has undertaken yet.”

Actor Samuel West said: “I remember seeing The Brain of Morbius when I was nine years old. I remember of course the final mental duel – the visual effects were so cutting edge at the time, it was brilliantly acted by both of them, and it was properly frightening, not just for a nine-year-old.

“I’m enjoying playing Morbius again very much. It’s a really fine script. Morbius is a revolutionary who believes that in order to make things better, you have to destroy them. He has an extra portion of chips on his shoulder about the way he was treated by Gallifreyan society, which has become twisted out of all proportion. World domination is a byproduct of cleansing society, but he’ll take it.”

  • Product Format: 1-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Duration: 78 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-376-3
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-377-0
  • Production Code: BFPDKGALLCD0101
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