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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

At the time of writing we have some special offers on our Dark Shadows stories.

From now until the 21st March 2019, you can get the first 50 Dark Shadows audiobooks at just £3.99 each on CD. You can also pick up Dark Shadows: The Legend Reborn for just £1.99 and Dark Shadows: Music from the Audio Dramas Volumes One and Two at just 99p each – but only whilst stocks last.

Don’t forget that every CD purchase unlocks a download exclusive via the Big Finish app and the Big Finish website. (Please note that Angelique’s Descent does not unlock a download and this title will not be going out of stock on CD).

Head to page and enter access code BLUEWHALE to get these Dark Shadows bargains at the special offer prices.

Big Finish were pleased to announce further details for the forthcoming horror serial Dark Shadows: Bloodline, including more of the cast, on Monday.

The cover for Volume One of Bloodline has also been released, as has the story details.

“You know my family. It’s full of secrets we’d never want the world to know…”

In the Great House of Collinwood Amy Jennings and David Collins are finally putting years of tragedy and loss behind them and committing to a life together. And, as the ceremony approaches, friends old and new are drawn to the town at the edge of the sea.

Once again, the tortured vampire, Barnabas Collins, is amongst them. But this time he is not alone. After so many years away, Doctor Julia Hoffman has returned with him, finally convinced she has the means to cure his affliction.

But joy and happiness never last long in Collinsport, for malevolent forces are never far away. Among those gathered for the celebration are some who would conspire to tear the family apart. In this town some wounds refuse to heal, some secrets demand to be heard, and some sins cry out to be punished.

Welcome back to Collinsport.
Until death 
do you part.

It’s time to discover the origins of Kamelion – if the TARDIS team survive the journey… The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough are back, joined by Kamelion (voiced by Jon Culshaw) in the finale of our Kamelion trilogy, out on Tuesday.

Doctor Who – The Kamelion Empire is out now.

Once upon a time, a people of great artistry and great knowledge ruled the planet Mekalion: the Kamille. For a thousand years, they prospered peacefully.

Then came disaster, when their sun set forever. Facing extinction, the Kamille made the Locus, a device to sustain their minds; and fashioned shape-changing machines, to act out their wishes on the physical plane…

Servants they called the Kamelion.

The Fourth Doctor is travelling back to his comic days in a brand new box set. Adapted from well-loved comic strips, the Doctor encounters the Iron Legion – an army of robotic Roman legionnaires, and along with companion Sharon he’ll encounter one of the deadliest and most adorable villains ever – Beep the Meep.

Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 is out now.

1. Doctor Who and the Iron Legion adapted by Alan Barnes

1979 AD! Led by the terrible General Ironicus, the mighty Iron Legion – robot veterans of the Eternal War – have come, seen and conquered the English village of Stockbridge!
Caught up in the mayhem, the Doctor pursues the Legion back through the great Dimension Duct to their place of origin – an alternative Earth where Rome never fell…

2. Doctor Who and the Star Beast adapted by Alan Barnes

1980 AD! In Yorkshire, the authorities have dismissed reports that an Unidentified Flying Object was seen plummeting towards the ground… moments before the explosion that destroyed the Blackcastle Steel Mills. After all, Blackcastle is the last place on Earth aliens would ever want to visit…
Local teenagers Sharon and Fudge know better. ’Cos they’ve found an actual space alien hiding in the allotments. He’s their alien. Their secret. And his name is… The Meep.

The story details and artwork were revealed Thursday for the final release in the current series of Survivors. Having survived the ‘Death’, Abby and Jenny must face the toughest choices yet for the future of the human race…

Terry Nation’s Survivors is drawing to a close with Series Nine and what an epic finale we’ve in store for you. Happily this isn’t the end of the audio adventures from the world of Survivors, but the current ongoing narrative will be wrapped up at the end of this series, due for release in June 2019.

The world has ended. The ‘Death’ pandemic crossed continents, sparing only a fraction of the global population. The survivors are now trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild society – to create a new future. But with no cities, no laws, no technology, everyone must start over. And the worst of human nature has survived along with the best...

Survivors Series Nine

Have you heard the brilliant new release starring the marvellous machiavellian Missy yet? On Saturday we rounded up the latest reviews of Missy Series One, a brand new audio drama series from Big Finish, with stories you and the universe have been dying to hear...

Missy... alone, unleashed and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around?

Well, Missy has a plan. And to carry it out, she’s going to have to break some rules. And people. And planets.

Look out universe, Missy is on a mission. And nobody is going to stop her…

And that’s the news this week. Keep in the know by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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