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The Big Finish Roundup

The Big Finish Roundup

22 October 2017

What a week! We share all the news in the Big Finish roundup, in case you missed anything.

This week had some big changes for Big Finish! From Friday, there will only be a short window of opportunity to fill the early Main Range gaps on your CD shelves!

Since 1999, Big Finish has been releasing a brand new Classic Doctor Who story every month, and the ‘Main Range’, as it has come to be known, has delighted us with tales featuring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. As per the wishes of our loyal listeners, we have been continuing to release both CD and download options of purchases for almost 20 years - even in a market that is moving away from physical media. In August 2013, Big Finish made the decision to stop the CD repressing of the first 50 Doctor Who Main Range titles, and now it’s time for the next batch.

There will be a limited number of CD versions of the Doctor Who Main Range releases 51-100, and you can pick them up for £6 on CD or £2.99 on download.

Last week we had a competition to find out what Big Finish listeners thought was the scariest story, and the results were spooktacular! We thank all Big Finish listeners for their recommendations, and congratulations to the winner of the digital download of all of Dark Shadows: Bloodlust, Dan Sjöström, who said The Invisible Man was the scariest Big Finish release: “I find The Invisible Man most scary, mostly due to John Hurt's intense portrayal of the terrifying yet tragic title character. The idea of not knowing when you are safe makes me feel like Griffin could reach out and grab me at any second. Perfect use of the audio format.”

Out Tuesday was a new saga from the world of Blake’s 7, Crossfire is a momentous arc of an adventure set around the third series of the classic TV programme. Crossfire: Part 1 consists of four new adventures following on from The Spoils of War.

Wednesday, we looked at some incredible talent that we’ve worked with over the years. Here we showcased some of our releases featuring actors who have since become household names and achieved global success.

On Thursday, the second installment of Torchwood Aliens Among Us was released!

Torchwood Series Five, Aliens Among Us Part 2 finds the new team fully assembled, with Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper joined by Mr Colchester – the devil in a cardigan, and Orr – the shapeshifting alien whose form depends on others’ desires. Tyler Steele will also be stepping in from the Mayor’s office, although no-one is sure whose side he is on…

Out from Saturday is a free taster of what is to come in King Lear, the classic adaptation of Shakespeare from Big Finish. To get behind the scenes of King Lear, head to the King Lear release page and click the link under Downloads at the bottom of the page.

And that’s the Big Finish week! Make sure you follow our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news.

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