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Doctor Who: Sontarans vs Rutans: The Children of the Future
Doctor Who - Classic Series - Special Releases

1.2. Doctor Who: Sontarans vs Rutans: The Children of the Future

Released February 2024

Written by Tim Foley

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18 Listeners
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The war between the Sontarans and the Rutans has been going on for millennia. And is likely to continue for millennia more. A terrible conflict with no care for consequences or collateral damage. Billions have died with no end in sight.

The Brigadier is used to the Doctor acting strangely, but this time there’s something decidedly different about the whole affair. As he looks into the Time Lord's odd activities outside of UNIT, there's a mystery that'll take Lethbridge-Stewart to a site very familiar to Sarah Jane Smith.

Can the Brigadier trust his old friend? Who are his mysterious new allies? And is the future of humanity really at stake? A Sontaran threat could spell the end of their long-standing friendship... and the entire planet!

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart © Haisman & Lincoln and used under licence. With thanks to Hannah Haisman and Candy Jar.

Recorded on: 17 May 2023
Recorded at: The Soundhouse


Writer Tim Foley said: “I really enjoy the Sontarans. I think one of the chief reasons they were such a success is because Robert Holmes did such an amazing job not only coming up with their race and their world, but distilling it all into the one individual, Linx. This story definitely features more than a few nods to The Time Warrior, and I hope there are many more Sontaran adventures to come!”

Producer David Richardson added: “We’re celebrating 50 years of the Sontarans, so it’s only natural that we should return to the setting of their first story, The Time Warrior. But don’t expect to find Commander Linx unearthed from the rubble of Irongron’s castle… this is from the mind of Tim Foley, so The Children of the Future goes in several fascinating new directions.”

Actor Tim Treloar said: “It’s always fantastic to work with Sadie and Jon, and this is a wonderful script by Tim Foley. It’s quite unusual; usually with the Third Doctor, you get the sense that he’s a man in control, but on this particular occasion, he’s somewhat perturbed and baffled. And then we find out that there’s the possibility that it’s not the Doctor at all...”

Jon Culshaw added: “It’s fascinating to revisit the Sontarans, and the Rutans as well, with a delicious harking back to one of my favourite stories of all time, The Time Warrior.

“The Brigadier and Sarah have some fabulous scenes in this story, and Sadie Miller really brings the energy, the gumption, and the investigative verve of Sarah Jane. It’s so wonderful and very moving to hear her playing as her dear, wonderful mum.”


The Children of the Future delivers a quintessential Third Doctor story wrapped with all of the modern Doctor Who trappings you’ve come to expect. Tense, dripping with paranoia, and deeply enjoyable, it’s about as perfect as a modern Third Doctor adventure can be. (9/10)

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  • Product Format: 1-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-370-1
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-371-8
  • Production Code: BFPDWSPSONVRUT0102
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