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Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen
Doctor Who - The Lost Stories

6.1. Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen

Released March 2021

Written by Gerry Davis

Adapted by John Dorney

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74 Listeners
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The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan return to Space Station Nerva in search of the TARDIS. Instead, they find peril, disease and... Cybermen!

These cybernetic monsters have devised a plan to eliminate the greatest threat to their existence. And if the Doctor and his human compatriots do not play their part in this scheme, they are to be destroyed.

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Recorded on: 4 and 11 November 2019
Recorded at: Audio Sorcery


Return of the Cybermen is better than it has any right to be, retelling a Doctor Who story that is often seen as a clunker and doing it excellently. Some listeners may be taken out of the story, especially when they make comparisons to Revenge of the Cybermen, but my advice would be to treat it like two similar premises and possibly an alternate take and you should enjoy yourself immensely. 8/10

Jacob Licklider, Indie Mac User

Coupled with Tom Baker - who as always, is a delight to listen to here in 2021 as he was on screen in 1978 - and it is the return of my all time favourite TARDIS team. While there is little room for other adventures... I am sure Big Finish will find a way to give us more stories with the three of them on the TARDIS together.

The Digital Fix

Return of the Cybermen is an absolutely brilliant production. You can tell Nicholas Briggs had a lot of fun working on this release. His love of Revenge (of the Cybermen) shines through not only in his music, sound design and direction, but in his Cyber-performances. He manages to do something remarkable: A sassy Cyber-Leader that still comes across as emotionless and threatening.

We Are Cult
  • Product Format: 2-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Duration: 131 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-230-9
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-231-6
  • Production Code: BFPDWLS29
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