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Big Finish weekly roundup

Big Finish weekly roundup

10 September 2017

That was another week! We round up everything in case you missed any news.

At the time of writing, we still have offers celebrating 30 years of Sylvester McCoy. these offers on the titles are available until 23:59 UK time Sunday 10th September. Happy Anniversary to the Seventh Doctor! To enjoy these offers, go to and use offer code seven30 to get the releases at special offer prices. More on these releases here.

On Monday we announced the new narrator of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor Chronicles. 

Jacob Dudman, known online for his impressions from the world of Doctor Who amongst others, will be breathing life into the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in Big Finish’s Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor Chronicles. We invited the Doctor Who Fan Show to check out Jake in studio.

On Tuesday we had the release of The Time Machine. Originally written by HG Wells, this novel has been adapted for audio by Marc Platt who Big Finish Doctor Who fans will know for the Big Finish story Spare Parts (among many others), the Virgin New Adventure novel Lungbarrow and Doctor Who TV story Ghost Light.

Imagine a man who defies convention. A man prepared to risk everything to push science to its limits.

Imagine a far distant future where humanity has changed beyond recognition. Where peace may come at a terrible cost, and where violent creatures lurk beneath the surface of the Earth.

Imagine a leap into the unknown, into discovery and adventure.

Imagine a journey in… The Time Machine.

On Wednesday, a new stage version of The Steamie by Tony Roper is returning to the Scottish stage for its 30th anniversary this year. And you can also listen to this theatrical classic recorded on CD from Big Finish. An ode to the hard working women of the 1950’s and to a bygone Glasgow, If you can’t catch any of the tour dates of The Steamie, then tune in to the show at Big Finish! Order a two disc recording today for £12.99 on Download or £14.99 on CD. 

This week we also looked at the reviews for The Prisoner Volume 2, which came out last month from Big Finish.

This series takes Number 6 out of the Village, with more twists, challenges and tests – in and out of the studio!

And on Saturday we revealed the cover art and the trailer for Blake’s 7 Crossfire Part 1.

Crossfire Part 1 is the first of three box sets of epic new stories – 12 adventures in total – for the Liberator crew, set during the third series of the original television show. That’s four new adventures per box set with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell and Steven Pacey joined by Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna and Alistair Lock as super-computer Orac.

And that’s the news this week! Make sure you follow all our social channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news. Next week we have plenty of Doctor Who news and releases coming up.

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