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September 2018 Releases

Latest Updates

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Doctor Who - The New Series

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

Updated 15 August 2018


Released today!

Red Planets Doctor Who - Main Range

241. Red Planets

Updated 14 August 2018


Released today!

Deadbeat Escape Torchwood

24. Deadbeat Escape

Updated 09 August 2018


Released today - along with pre-orders for the next 12 monthly releases, starting March 2019! See the News page for more details.

Bernice Summerfield: Treasury Bernice Summerfield - Box Sets

Bernice Summerfield: Treasury

Updated 07 August 2018


Released today!

Chase the Night Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor Adventures

9.2. Chase the Night (Coming Soon)

Updated 06 August 2018


One of the stories in two more series of Fourth Doctor Adventures announced today - see News for many more details

Flight Into Hull! Doctor Who - Short Trips

8.08. Flight Into Hull!

Updated 02 August 2018


Jackie Tyler and the Meta-Crisis Doctor go on a voyage of discovery - released today

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