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The Big Finish Roundup

The Big Finish Roundup

29 October 2017

A huge week this week for Big Finish, as we plunge headfirst into the Time War… we catch up on all the news so you don’t miss anything!

At the time of writing, we have some fantastic offers on some of our Big Finish books, and our spookiest ranges, The Omega Factor and Survivors.

You can grab Bernice Summerfield books at just £1 each, with original tales from great authors such as Cavan Scott, Mark Wright, Rob Shearman, Terrance Dicks and Carrie Sutton. Beautiful leather bound versions are also on special offer from £5, and the wonderfully witty and observant Mervyn Stone Mysteries from Doctor Who writer Nev Fountain are on offer from £2.

Get access to all our book offers by going to this page: and using offer code readme

You can pick up The Omega Factor – A novelisation of the TV series audiobook read by Louise Jameson, at £10 on CD or £2.99 on download, Series One for £15 on CD or £12.50 on download, and Series Two and Series Three (to be released in March 2018) at £25 on CD or £20 on download.

Or try the audio version of Terry Nation’s book, Survivors, for £10 on CD or £2.99 on download. And you can get Series One of Survivors for £15 on CD or £12.50 on download, Series Two, Three and Four for £20 on CD or £18 on download, and Series Five, Six and Seven (released next month) for £25 on CD or £20 on download.

On Monday we were pleased to announce the selected entry of the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity. The 2017 selected entry, performed by Nicholas Briggs, will be fully wrapped and ready for release later in the year. Congratulations to Selim Ulug, and his great new story, Landbound.

On Tuesday, With an all-star ensemble cast performing one of the classics of literature, Big Finish’s adaptation of King Lear was released!

In an ancient Britain of warring nobles and sibling rivalries, power is a precarious thing. When the ageing King Lear declares that he will divide his kingdom in three to prevent future strife, he unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that will unravel into treachery, horror, conflict and death.

Renowned for its pathos and poetry as much as for its savage violence, Shakespeare’s wildest tragedy remains as thrilling and relevant today as when it was first performed: King Lear is a tale of politics, ambition, greed, vanity, betrayal, love, pride, madness, war and bloody vengeance.

King Lear is available now at £16.99 on CD or £14.99 on download. Don’t forget that all Big Finish CD purchases unlock a download exclusive on the Big Finish app.

On Wednesday, we announced Torchwood One: Machines, the second Torchwood One box set, coming out in July next year. With guest star Jane Asher and a script by Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood has never been in more peril with the return of arch-villain WOTAN.

On Thursday, the Time War began!

Out now is Part 1 of the Time War starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor trying to survive in a universe at war, in four new stories written by John Dorney and Matt Fitton.

For podcast fans, this week Toby Hadoke chatted to a man who has been in Not one, but two Whos, and both in this century, and as he puts it "I've played a lot of Luigis".

And Nick and Benji has all the latest audio drama news from Big Finish, a Martian Invasion of Earth preview, guest star Tom Price and a drama tease: Torchwood - Aliens Among Us Part 2 (definitely NOT suitable for younger listeners or those of aren’t familiar with the world of Torchwood!).

And that’s the Big Finish week! Make sure you follow our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news.

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